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SBS Genetech (SBS) was founded in 1994; with headquarter in Shangdi Hi-tech Industry Park, Beijing and two modern facilities -- one in Beijing and another in Shanghai. Ever since her commence, SBS has been keeping a leading position in biological industry in China. SBS is the first company in China who started the Custom DNA Synthesis and began to supply Custom Peptide Synthesis in 1996,and has obtained popularity among her customers in later years. The company has been sticking to the rule of independent innovation, and most of the products are manufactured within her own facility. A series of strict QC have been carried out to ensure the quality, which is exemplified by ISO9001: 2000 certification.

Besides providing Custom Oligonucleotides and Peptide Synthesis services, SBS Genetech also offers the following products: DNA Synthesis Products, Nucleic Acids Isolation & Purification Kits, Restriction End nucleases, DNA Molecular Weight Markers, PCR-Related Products, RNA-Related Products, Protein-Related Products, Gene Manipulation Products, Biochemical, GoldviewTM Nucleic Acid Stain, Pre-made Primers, and Micro tubes & tips. With its remarkable characteristics, SBS Genetech has acquired a leading position in such fields.

Biomatik is a world leading supplier of life science products and custom services. We offer industry-leading innovation, quality and customer-satisfaction. Custom services include gene synthesis, peptide synthesis, and antibody production along with high quality Biochemical's, Enzymes, PCR products, DNA Markers, Culture Media, Catalog Peptides, Tag Antibodies and more.

Biochem Life Sciences is committed to promoting a quality norm for the biotechnology industry in india. We offer DNA Sequencing Custom Peptide Synthesis, Fine Biochemicals, DNA Ladder, Protein Marker, Benchtop Instruments and Laboratory Plasticware of very high purity and quality.
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