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Fine Biochemicals and Reagents
Biochem Life Sciences is committed to promoting a quality norm for the biotechnology industry in India. We offer fine Biochemical’s, DNA Ladder, Protein Marker, Bench top Instruments and Laboratory Plastic ware of very high purity and quality.

Biomatik is a world leading supplier of life science products and custom services. We offer industry-leading innovation, quality and customer-satisfaction. Custom services include gene synthesis, peptide synthesis, and antibody production along with high quality Biochemical, Enzymes, PCR products, DNA Markers, Culture Media, Catalog Peptides, Tag Antibodies and more.

Molekula offers an extensive range of Biochemical reagents in bulk quantities. Cycloheximide, Cycloserine, Gentamycin sulphate, DTT, Proteinase K, TTC, Agarose are all available in multi kilo lots Molekula offers a very wide range of organic molecules – Pico lines, insoles, pyrimidines, thidiazoles and ox azoles. Our Compounds are small-, multifunctional molecules for constructing complex and highly functionalized entities. They are extremely versatile and powerful synthetic tools to provide chemical diversification for early hit-discovery and focused library. Molekula offers a very large range of Biological buffers tested to very high assay levels, All are available from stock for immediate delivery. Molekula offer a full range of reagents – HOBT, TATU, HATU, BOP, HBTU, TBTU, HOAT, EDAC. Molekula produces a range of organic products for the research industry. Included in our range of insoles are 4, 5, 6 and 7-Azaindole. A full rage of Pico lines are also available from stock.

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