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For over 28 years, Globe Scientific has been a leading producer of high quality laboratory plasticware, glassware and benchtop equipment. Our products are sold worldwide and are designed for use in the Clinical, Research, Hospital, Veterinary and Specialty markets. Some of our featured product lines include plastic serological pipettes, cryogenic tubes with patent-pending caps, cuvettes and sample cups for laboratory analyzers, transfer pipettes, glass microscope slides and more. Globe Scientific also provides custom kit assembly, private label items and OEM products.

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Biochem Life Sciences is committed to promoting a quality norm for the biotechnology industry in India. We offer fine Biochemical, DNA Ladder, Protein Marker, Bench top Instruments and Laboratory Plastic ware of very high purity and quality

Heathrow Scientific is a leading manufacturer of innovative lab supplies and instruments. We are renowned for producing colorful, innovative and functionally designed products.

With an ever expanding line of lab supplies and instruments, Heathrow Scientific has the ability to serve all your needs. Whether you work in the research sector, clinical, safety or industrial markets, Heathrow Scientific offers a comprehensive line that is sure to impress.

Over the years, Heathrow Scientific has broadened their product line by offering well-designed instruments that are welcomed globally. The RF3000 Pipette Filler (Rota-Filler 3000) with adjustable nozzle was developed for stress-free filling and dispensing. This is just one example of Heathrow Scientifics' commitment to making products that are lightweight, ergonomic and comfortable.

Heathrow Scientific continues to remain focused in the development of interlocking racks, slide boxes and microscopy products made in vibrant colors with small spaced areas in mind.

Look to Heathrow Scientific for design, function and innovation.

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